[BLOG]-Heads up… you should try to get in early 3 day Blowout! Contest….


Omar & Melinda Martin are doing
another weekend Blow Out launch
starting this Friday for a product
called The Contest Leaderboard.

Anybody that sell a product online

needs this.If you plan to sell anything

online you are gonna absolutely love this!

You’re sure to start seeing a metric
ton of emails about it soon enough.

But… check this out, I’m actually one
of their affiliates and I’ve gotten
an early access link that I can share
with you!



There is sure to be a bottle neck at
the order button on Friday morning
so it would be wise to watch their
video now.

This Contest Leaderboard plugin is
truly revolutionary. Don’t dismiss it.
This is a software tool for WordPress
that enables you to embed live leader
boards on your JV page!


See the VIDEO

*You can also use this to put live
leaderboards on your HTML pages
with an iFrame!

You can work your butt off to try and
get affiliates onboard to promote your
product but nothing compares to the
what this little tool can do.

This literally creates a sales frenzy

for your offer because the affiliates

battle it out to climb the live leaderboard.

It’s insane, I’ve seen it personally and
thats why I am recommending that you
grab this thing as soon as you can.

Omar and Melinda have been using this
tool esclusively for years but now they
are relkeasing it as a plugin. They’re
giving you a great deal this weekend as
their grand opening special, BUT…

This will sell out fast and the price will
nearly triple after their weekend launch
special is obver!


Get in early cause this is gonna be

Thanks for reading ,See You Inside,

Zora Blume

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4 Responses to “[BLOG]-Heads up… you should try to get in early 3 day Blowout! Contest….”

  1. Having a leader board for your launch is a sure fire way of getting your affiliates to promote again.
    We are a competitive bunch, and love to see our names on the top 🙂
    This is a great plugin Zora.
    Good job on the review

    Brian Oliver recently posted..20 Ways To Get More Blog CommentsMy Profile

  2. Hey Brian ,You’re right this is a must have tool anybody
    launching product needs this to succeed!

    Thanks for coming by and reading .come back anytime ,
    I’am really enjoying your new Blogg Buddy from your launch
    thats going on right now. Thanks

    Zora Blume

  3. Hey Zora I have this plugin and I have to say it’s topshelf when it comes building a professional leader board for your affiliate blog…as a matter of fact it’s simply one of a kind!

    John recently posted..How to Build Authority on a Subject From Experience?My Profile

  4. Hi John ,That sound like a good one .
    Thanks for coming over and reading my blog .

    Regards Zora

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