83% Of Sales Videos LACK This Critical Component


This isn’t going to be one of those debates about whether or not a video
sales page outperforms a sale letter,everybody already knows they do.

BUT did you know that most marketers sales videos lack the most important
thing that makes people buy?


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Creating a video that makes people buy isn’t hard but it takes a precise
combination of these 3 ingredients.

#1 You need the right hook.
#2 You need the right look.

The hook is the angle or the “pitch” so to speak. How are you positioning
the offer?

The look is everything that the viewer see AND HEARS. The imagery, the voice
over, the music and the picture quality.

Sadly, The compelling script is what most marketers lack. Most people think
that the script is a dissertation of features and benefits but it’s not.

A script is a story told in a particular order. That order depends
on the product your selling and the audience your selling it to.

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Zora Blume

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