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New [Blog] post: Old friend held me back.Now they got to go…



Well the year is at an end and soon the new year


Now is time to set down and make  the plan for the new

year 2017. In 2016 I had some goals that I missed and I

went astray chasing shinny thing down to many trails .

First item on the new 2017 plan is I’m sorry but I will

have to let go of some of my oldest friends some have

been with me for years. 


It’s time they have to go, first on the list is my old friend
Mr. Excuses Galore I have used him every time I make
mistakes, or when I don’t make my goals . 

Second on the list is my old pal Mr. Procrastination Latterman we would set around all the time and say you know we need to get that work done . He would say OK lets get right on it tomorrow. 

Third on the list is my old friend Mr. Hollywood Entertainment TV Jr. we would set for hours and hours watching shows when we should be getting our work done. 

Forth and fifth are Mr. Pessimistic Naysayer and Mr. Dark Negativity Both have to go they bring me down.

Only some of my old friend will have to be gone completely some I will cut back my time hanging around . 

Like my old friend Mr. Email Inbox some unsubscribing is in the near future for him. He will get less of my time in 2017 for sure.and Mr. Facebook . 

Mr. Facebook demands more of my time than is really needed . You will have to be happy with a lot less of my time from now on you will only get a small amounts. But it will be more quality time.

Same goes for You Tube ,Twitter, and other social media platform .As I remove the old friends I will add new friends that are even better than the old ones.

New friends like Mr. Responsibility he will not let me make excuses . Mr. Positive Outlook with him I can look at the bright side .I’m also keeping my old friend Mr. Exercise but I will allocate more time working out with him.

And Mr. Time Keeper He will keep me from spending to much time on Facebook and tell me don’t sleep in get that report out on time. And Mr. JustDoIt Now just get it done! Now your done with the research and learning about the niche just get it done.

I’m am going be sure to add Mr. Plan Layout he will show the way to go and how to say on track an meet my goals. Mr. Plan Layout will be a very important new friend .

He will have benchmarks for each time period like the first week benchmarks what should be done by then. If you miss the benchmark me and Mr. Plan will see if we are ahead or behind schedule and read-adjust the plan.

And I’m adding Mr. Take Action he will make me put the plan into effect. This is a small summery of new plan .

Be sure to make your plan and set benchmarks and add Mr. Take Action to your friends list so you will meet your goals in the new year 2017. Hope this gives you some ideas for your new year plan.

Thanks for reading and good luck in 2017 for you and yours!
Zora Blume 




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