Review of Commission Black Ops And Bonus !


You can’t go anywhere online right now without hearing something about Michael Cheney’s “Commission Black Ops”.

The hype is phenomenal.

It seems everyone is keen to promote this thing and make a quick buck.

But what is it really like, is it actually any good and should you buy it?

That’s what you’re about to find out in this review.

Firstly, I have to say, I know there are people out there who don’t really “gel” with Cheney’s upfront style of marketing and writing salesletters. And I can understand that.

I personally love it.

And more importantly – you can clearly see everything he does in a certain way is done for a reason.

Heck – this isn’t some new kid on the block we’re talking about here – Michael Cheney has been mixing it up in the internet marketing space since the year 2000.

So anyhoo, what is Commission Black Ops actually like?

Well the first thing you notice when you get into the members area is just how professional laid out everything is. No getting lost or wondering where your downloads are – everything is easy to find.

You can dive right into the Commission Black Ops “Field Manual” and I’m gonna be straight with you here – it’s worth every penny.

Now sure – if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time then there may be around 1 – 2% of this info which you already know.

The content is pure gold and I took masses of notes and have already started implementing his strategy.

The way he breaks it down is really step by step so you can just copy it for yourself and start using the method in your own business.

This is what I really like.

It’s also cool when you see how much money he’s made with this strategy.

You know this stuff works.

And for the small fee he’s asking for this I’d recommend it to anyone doing affiliate marketing or anyone considering doing affiliate marketing.

As Michael Cheney says – he’s looking to train up his own legion of “affiliate special operatives” who can then smash it for him on his next product launches. It’s a smart strategy.

And as long as you go through the product and apply what you learn there’s no reason you can’t become a top-earning affiliate too.

So there you have it;

I give Commission Black Ops a big thumbs up, 9/10 rating (because nobody’s perfect) and recommend you grab it right now like I did and start making money with this thing;

>>>>Go watch the video here! 

Thank for Reading

Zora Blume

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You need to be CERTAIN that we get credited for your purchase so that you can claim your BONUSES, therefore, we suggest you empty your browser cache (instructions at the bottom of the page), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link to our bonus page again, then click on the Commision Black Ops link from this page.

Important! All bonus claims will be manually verified and you will not be sent your bonus if you did not follow these instructions.

In order to claim your bonuses, please submit a ticket with your
JVZOO Payment IDto:


with ‘Commision Black Opts’ in the subject We need to see the JVZoo Payment ID Number. This is the number will be in your email receipt and it starts with the letters “AP-” as indicated in the image below: Once we have verified that you purchased through our link, we will reply to your ticket with everything you need.

HowTo ClaimBonus12345

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How to balance your sales and free content marketing…

Internet Marketer Wael Kaheel recently introduced a course called Email Marketing Advantage that will enable you to build a profitable email list.

Wael’s latest innovation is the first of its kind to not only include step-by-step video training showing you how to balance your sales and free content marketing which is important because we show you how to not kill your list and reduce your unsubscribe rate, but it will also shows you how to tell stories in your email marketing which is huge because it’s a great way to connect with your audience and gain their trust.

Wael created this training because he was tired of all of the subpar email marketing courses to their that were only providing you with half of the story. Wael also heard similar stories from people who are struggling with not finding the right email marketing courses that could provide them with the tips and strategies that could get them the results they desire.

If you’re a struggling internet marketer, you probably know the feeling of not getting good results. You may have tried running Facebook ads, which just resulted in spending a lot of money with zero success. Not only that, but you also may have tried buying solo ads which only led to very little response from the opt-ins. Unfortunately, you may have even purchased training that was boring and complicated which just ended up in more frustration and information overwhelm.

When Wael realized he had the formula that now allows him to be able able to build email lists that generates income every month., he realized he could not keep this information to himself. Revealing this solution meant helping people so they’re finally able to build highly responsive and profitable email lists.

Wael Kaheel, an internet marketing business owner and creator of Email Marketing Advantage, is now able to build massive lists of subscribers, gets more subscribers opening his messages and gets more subscribers taking action on his product offers, insists there is no better time to invest in Email Marketing Advantage.

Anxious to see others achieve the same results,  This website provides a wealth of information so that you can finally get the results you are looking for.

Now you won’t have to invest in personal coaching from an expert marketer which will probably cost you well over $2000.00. You won’t have to hire a professional marketing team to do all of the work for you which isn’t advised either, since you’ll likely overspend up to $10000.00.

To learn more about how to build a profitable email list,  Be sure to check this out soon. Wael and the Email Marketing Advantage team looks forward to helping you get the you the results you desire. Go watch the Video

Thanks for reading 

Zora Blume

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I took the red pill! which will you take? New Blog post

Discover The Controversial Marketing Mind Control Techniques They Didn’t Want You To See! 

Millions Through Mind Control



download (2)





download (1)








You are about to read is what many would deem to be extremely controversial…

Let me begin tale  by saying You are going to be given a choice!

Take the right pill ,the right choice and you may proceed to the next level.


Or you and choose the wrong pill, AKA ,Path  and nothing
changes everything stays the same as you have been.


There are many marketers that would rather you not read this

pertinent and somewhat disturbing information.


What’s more is…

…Seeing these secrets revealed may also be especially difficult for those
who depend on using them to deceive their customers into making impulse sales.


You are about to read is what many would deem to be extremely controversial…


At the very least you will learn how to identify when you are being manipulated and at best you will become able to implement these skills to improve your own sales and build better relationships with your customers.


I would like to think that you will not use what you learn to trick your potential customers into sales, but rather use the skills to empower your customers to see the true potential of your products.


Some would refer to these skills as ‘black hat’ and argue against their use and even the publication of this report – We disagree – Our goal here is to bring these skills to your attention, to inform and educate you our reader.


Those that wish to remain ignorant should read no more, but if you are ready to learn what the sales professionals working on the darker side of marketing have been up to for years, read at your own risk of becoming more educated, and more powerful in your business dealings.



(A Meeting With Mr. X)

What lessons can be gleaned from these skills to help you profit?


The answer is surprisingly simple, and unbelievably powerful.


The answer is so amazing, it might not make sense until you put it into action, and truly reap the rewards. This is something that we could refer to as the ‘quality key’.


If you take the methods described throughout this ebook, and add in quality and honesty to the mix, you will create a monster of a sales pitch that can convert even the most stubborn of visitors to buyers.


Below Are Just Some Of The Areas Covered That You’ll Read Inside This Powerful Report:

  • How to harness the power to turn your prospects into buying customers with hypnotic words that will empower them to purchase, join, and hang onto every word on your web pages, newsletters, sales pages, speeches (and any other kind of communication).
  • How to use secret ’embed commands’ to plant a thought in the mind of another person (actually just beneath their conscious awareness). This can give you the power to direct people to take certain or specific actions.
  • How to gain the almost immediate trust of another person – This can be used in all situations using a highly covert ‘unconscious connection’ technique.
  • Dr X’s 82 hypnotic phrases that can aid you in influencing your prospects to take action. (Use these online or pepper them throughout your conversations to influence everyone you come into contact with).
  • Discover the 3 critical elements you must include in your headlines that will control the mind of your website visitors and get them to read more.
  • How to tap into the seven areas of human desire that literally make people spend money (includes detailed examples of how to use each trigger that will leave your customers frantically searching for their credit cards).
  • How to use fonts and colours on your sales pages to secretly influence your web visitors and get them hooked on your sales message.
  • Rarely discussed formatting secrets that you can use to exert even more influence on your visitors (this section includes Dr. X’s special ‘scoring chart’ to help you implement this tactic properly).
  • How to use 13 special phrases in your web copy or speech to combine any number of powerful commands giving you the ability to maximize their power.
  • How to use a powerful ‘questioning technique’ that will convince customers the decision to buy was theirs alone.
  • Little known psychological trigger commands and visualization techniques that will appeal to the emotions of your prospects (done right these techniques work like a nuclear bomb in getting people to hunt down your order buttons).
  • Dr. X’s ‘Secret Formula’ – using this ingenious formula in your sales messages will practically guarantee you increased sales. (find it, with examples on page 43).
  • Dr. X’s ‘Alphabet of Power Words’. This list has examples of the most powerful hypnotic words that can be used for your sales copy, web pages, or even while having a conversation.
  • And Much, Much More…

‘Anyone Marketing Online – Or Even Just Buying Online Needs To Understand These Techniques – It’s A Must Read…’

Lonnie Robinson, CEO, Robinson Infome inc.dia


‘Millions Through Mind Control’ Is Now Available To Download In A Convenient PDF Format. You Get Access Immediately And Can Start Putting These Covert Techniques Into Action Right Away!

Millions Through Mind Control

Right now you’ve got a once in a lifetime shot….


You could be diving into the secret tactics advanced marketers are using to persuade their prospects to happily become customers, convince their existing customers to buy more stuff and transform their repeat customers into raving fans. When you crack open your ‘Millions Through Mind Control’ report today, Mr. X will deliver to you the very same techniques he has used to rake in millions of dollars in sales. Be smart and invest in the future success of your business today!


 P.S. You never know about things like this could end anytime So hurry and go  watch the Video NOW!

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