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[Announcement] Special Bonus Update
check it out below

Sorry the Time ran out the bonuses are not

You can still buy Copy Paste Commissions
but without the Bonuses! 

This is the amount of
money Omar Martin and
Michael Cheney have made
their secret strategy.

And  now you get
to copy and paste this
strategy for yourself.

They’re running a huge
Black Friday BLOWOUT
on “Copy Paste Commissions “

This thing is going to
be off the chart!


Because every affiliate
on the planet will be
clamouring to the Order
Button for this thing
when they officially
open the gates on Friday.

But fear ye not;

Because I’ve been working
my magic on them and have
managed to secure you
EARLY BIRD access tomorrow
(Thursday 26th November 2015).

Keep your eyes on your
inbox tomorrow for the
special announcement.

You don’t want to miss this.

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Zora Blume



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[Blog ] Review and Bonuses for The Super Product!


One of the smartest things
I have ever done was Get
this Training from Alex.

I highly recommend
The Super Product 


grab you copy now button

I have added some great BONUSES 

on this Page for you if you buy through
my Link .

Wow the bonus video on

facebook retargeting is great!

It shows you never before

revealed ways to get his

facebook leads for free!

Amazing stuff well worth

the 5 bucks by itself!

There is so much training and bonus training in here .
As i went through all of the PDFs and video I keep learning
new stuff .

The training is amazing especially the numbers
and how he uses the numbers to guide he funnel setup.

The way he show you how to know your number will allow

you to know all of you invested money and Your ROI before
you do anything.  

Be sure to not miss out on this and  hurry it’s on a  sale that means after the sale is over the sale

 price goes up! 

What You Will Be Getting: For less than a cup of coffee at Only $4.95

 Check all of the content below that comes with this program

:First is A two page checklist to start and…

Alex and Team named this internallyThe Super Product   as

it’s the one thing They have followed for each and every one of our product

launches this year. And you know how hugh a success that has been!

:You also will be Getting Two hours of step-by-step Audio Video

& PDF guides

Including…everything You need to conduct a profitable product launch

within a matter of days.

No experience or technical knowledge needed”

:Alex and His Team cover everything from Niche Selection, Rapid Product

Creation, Total Automation, Endless Traffic plus much much more…

 :The Super Product   Star Case Studies. and much MORE..

The Super Product  stars many case studies including how complete

newbies are using this very system to generate hundreds of sales from the very first

day with their very first product launches…

…And how others are generating as high as 25% sales conversions again with their first product launches.

All case studies are from first timers + in multiple different niches.

Click here>> The Super Product 

Plus Special Bonuses

350x250 (1)

The The Super Product  Look at MY Huge Bonuses!Below

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Click on the big GREEN button to get access 


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IMPORTANT: How to Claim Your BONUS!

This bonus is available for a very limited time only, and this

page may be removed anytime without notice. Order Content


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The Super Product  now from the button or link below to claim my BONUS!

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase,

so that you can be SURE to get your BONUS, then I suggest you

empty your browser cache (instructions at the bottom of the page),

close all your web browser windows, then click on the link to our

bonus page again, then click on The Super Product banner above,

or click here.

Important! All bonus claims will be manually verified and you

will not be sent your bonus if you did not follow these instructions.

In order to claim your bonuses, please send your

Payment Receipt to:

email2with ‘The Super Product ‘ in the subject.

Here is the link again that you need to use, in order to get my BONUSES:

Access Content The Super Product

Remember, this bonus is for a very limited time only, don’t dilly dally!

Once I have verified your purchase, we will reply to your email

with everything you need.

IMPORTANT: Bonuses are allocated on a first come, first served

basis, this is based on the time we receive your bonus claim email

with your payment receipt.

HowTo ClaimBonus12345


350x250 (1)

How to clear your web browser cache:

Go to Tools
Go to Options
Go to the Privacy tab
Click “Show Cookies”
Click “Remove all Cookies”

Firefox 5:
Click on ‘Firefox’ in the top left
Go to Options then Options
Go to the Privacy tab
Click “Show Cookies”
Click “Remove all Cookies”

Internet Explorer 6:
Go To Tools
Go to Internet Options
In the “General” tab & under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files”
Click OK & then OK again.

Internet Explorer 7:
Go to Your Control Panel
Go to Internet Options
Under “Browsing History” click “Delete”
Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies”

Internet Explorer 8 & 9:
Click on the “Tools” icon in the top right
Go to Internet Options
In the ‘General’ tab under “Browsing History” click “Delete”
Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies”

Click on the ‘spanner’ icon in the top right
Go to “Tools” and then “Clear Browsing Data”
Select “Cookies” then click “Clear Browsing Data”
If you have problems try using a different browser.

IMPORTANT: Bonuses are allocated on a first come,

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bonus claim email with your payment receipt.


Click here>> The Super Product

Thanks for reading

Zora Blume


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[Blog review] of The New Bloggers RoadMap check it out

Get ready to get Dan Sumners New Bloggers Roadmap
This is
 all new  PDF ,Videos, Chart,Trainings not  refreshed,
none of the old content .

The Bloggers Roadmap does exactly what is says on the tin.
The whole program is geared to allow it’s customers to 
get the 
best from their own blogs with Dan’s  help!

The front end price reflects quality and jam packed content to

allow bloggers and internet marketers of any level to
learn and profit!

Are you ready to get your blog on?

Blogging is back and it’s making money!

People are craving info and they are being drawn towards blogs
to find it.

Listen, you may be thinking that you don’t want to provide free
information to people because it has no returns.. But you are wrong.

You see, by providing the information people want, you list build
and sell products and advertisements by default.

Why else are the number 1 bloggers in the world making fortunes
from giving away information. You don’t sell you give and this is
the reason people, buy, subscribe and click.

No hard sell
No sales emails
No problems

You will build subscribers like crazy…

So how can you do this?

In the next two days, the Bloggers Roadmap will be released at a fraction
of the original cost. It’s this book that will show you how to get the most
from your blog and teach you how to rise to the top and
 build subscribers 
and make an income from blogging. Watch the video Click Here !

Most bloggers don’t listen to marketers or don’t know how to market
their blogs to the public to make them 
profitable. Most bloggers don’t
realize it’s possible to
 make a full time income from blogging.

Well let me tell you it is possible to make an income and it’s not as hard as
you may think.

Coming in the next two days, is a great book that you absolutely must read.

The Bloggers Roadmap is set for launch, so look out for my email when it’s
ready. This really is going to take you to the
 next level.

Thanks for reading,

Zora Blume















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