Drunken Challenge accepted!

Recently while Alex Jeffrey’s was at

the dinner table with the other

marketers that were attending a

$5,000.00 seminar..

One of the attendees who was

drunk open his mouth and spewed

out and big challenge directed straight

at Alex.


Alex is well Known as the go to guy

that has help

many more internet marketers

get started up than anyone else

in the world.


He put Alex in the spot that he had

to accept this drunken bolsters

challenge right then in front of all at

the table. Find out More!


The drunkard said that he did

not think that Alex could start

a brand new business and make

money from Scratch in just 7 Day



He then started adding  RULES to it

and here are the 5 rules Below.

#1. Alex could only have a

$ 50.00 budget.

#2. Alex had to make at least

$1,000 profit.

#3. Alex was not allowed to

use his mailing list.

#4. Alex had to use 100%

free Traffic no paid traffic.

#5. Alex had just days to

do it.

You could almost see all of the

eyes and ears all around the

table perk up and almost bulge

out to see and hear Alex reply

to the drunkards bold challenge.


Alex without any hesitation said

with a loud and confident voice,

I Agree to all of the terms,

Even though he knew he would

be working without any resources

and tools that he was used to having.


He only accepted this though challenge

because he was called out in front of

all there and he had to protect his good

reputation. Read More !


After the dinner and challenge

Alex went straight to his room fired

up the laptop and began to bang

out his strategies right then ,he has

only days to do this.


Alex only had a couple of hour then

to work so he work furiously .

The next morning Alex had to catch

his flight back to his home and by

the time he got all set up and opened

his laptop he had already made some



This Drunken challenge turned out to

be one of the best things to happen to

Alex because it allowed him to discover

a totally new Powerful system that he

had ever seen.


Alex was so excited to see the result

that he had achieved in only the first

24 hours was $ 3,169.38.


He totally busted out! way over the

drunkards 1000 dollar challenge mark

by $ 2,169.38 in just 1 day.


The end results Alex achieved after

7 days was a total of $ 21,730.23.

Its amazing how the drunkards

challenge enabled Alex to discover

how to use every free method Alex

knows to make this kind of money

on line.


He documented and gathered it

all up and called it The Super Funnel.


So thats why I am telling you about this

because I believe you need to have

this in your business and right now it’s

only an unbelievable low $4.95

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Thanks for reading


Zora Blume


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