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This is a great product and it has been

flying off the shelfs. I got 5 th place on

the leaderboard on the first day,I was so

happy. This is my first time in the top ten

on a launch leader board.But today I have

sliped down one slot to 6th place. This is

the last day and I want to pass the others up

and go as high up the board as posible on the

last day. We only have till midnight tonight ,

about 5 hours to do it. So I am Adding a

BONUS that will help you out and will help me

get back up the leaderboard. Here is your Link:

If you buy through my link I will give you my Bonuses.

Thanks for reading Zora Blume




proofleaderboardEVS8-02-2014 proofleaderboardEVS8-2-2014day2

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Customers will never give you a second chance to make a first impression!


Blow Out launch this weekend ONLY!

If you use video in your marketing

you are gonna absolutely love this!


John Thornhill and Omar Martin are

doing another weekend Blow Out launch

starting this Friday for a product

called Easy Video Solutions.


You’re sure to start seeing a metric

ton of emails about it soon enough.




There is sure to be a bottle neck at

the order button on Friday morning

so it would be wise to watch their

video  now.


Easy Video Solutions is unlike these

dime a dozen video products that have

been launching recently. Don’t get me

wrong, some video products are quite

good like that Video Maker software





GO watch the Video CLICK  HeRe


You can have the prettiest graphics

and the nicest looking video but if

you don’t know how to PROPERLY craft

the sales message to for the specific

TYPE of product and the precise

audience…  well you’re wasting your


These guys are providing you the video

tools you need to make some awesome

looking videos, plus the tutorials on

how they use their iPhones to create

killer videos too, BUT…


Most importantly, they are hooking you

up with the VIDEO SALES COPY that you

can use to MAKE people buy your


Watch the Video free to get the information.


Get in early cause this is gonna be



See You Inside,

Zora Blume

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