So what exactly is Like Page Builder?

Like Page Builder is a software application that allows anyone to create an effective  FaceBook  like page in seconds.

Here’s what ‘s included with Facebook Like Page Builder.

1. Like Page Builder Pro. You get complete access to the Like Page Builder Pro Software,allowing you to take advantage of all of the ‘Pro’ features and benefits.

2.Step by Step Training Videos. Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill have created a series of step by step training videos that walk you through every aspect of setting up your own Facebook page.

3.Hosted Like Pages. There is no need to host your like pages as they do that for you meaning you can create a like page in a fraction of the time as there are no files to upload to your server ,plus no additional costs for SSL web hosting are needed too.

4.Pre Hosted Images. Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill will supply you with a ton of pre hosted like page images that you can use on your like pages.These images have been professionally made and are created to make sure you receive as many “likes” as possible.

5.Image Source File Access Like Page Templates. You will also receive the PSD files for all like page templates meaning you can edit these to create a truly unique page.

6.Exclusive Access to Like Page Newswatch. Like page newswatch provides you with all of the latest news on  the best Facebook related products out there,Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill will also try their best to get you some great deals.Members can also submit their own Facebook related products.

7.Fast Track Support.All like Page Builder Pro members will receive priority fast tract support that guarantees a response to all tickets within 24 hours.

8. Exclusive Access to The Like Page Pro Private Facebook Group. The Like Page Pro Facebook group is an exclusive group where they can all share tips,advice,training,support and more. Strong bussiness relationships will be formed in this group,access to this group alone is worth the price of membership.

Is this all we know ?

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==>> Go watch the Video it show you how !




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How Do I Use The Autoresponder To Build My Business Leads List


By Zora Blume


  1. The most important decision is to always be honest .If you offer your subscriber something, be sure they receive what you offered. Be sure to explain what you are offering with a good description.

  2. Of course learn the rule and never spam people. You can get into some costly problems if you are not following the rules. And most people will report you and delete you anyway so you will not gain any long term subscriber that way.

  3. Format your emails like a real letter .Have their name and a hello dear “Name of the person” a greeting like how are you this fine day. Maybe something that you have been doing today or this week .Then in the opening, tell them why you are contacting them. Maybe you want to show them an article, on line that has info you thought they could use? Maybe you want to tell them about a new blog post you just wrote? Or maybe you have a product they need that’s at a discount? At the end give your regards and sign your name .And it always good to have a P.S. with something like, a to be continued in my next email so be looking for it next week.

  4. Learn everything you need to know about using your auto responder. There are some nice features that lots of people don’t even know they have. They have lots of templates and op-in forms that have many options.

  5. Don’t Use False or Misleading Header Information – The From, To and Reply To information must be accurate and not misleading in any way

  6. Learn why do you want to build a List?Automatically Follow-Up – An email list allows you to multiply your time in a way that would require a cloning machine! With auto responders you can have a follow-up system in place that makes sales for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

  7.  Learn why using Aweber for Email marketing. High Deliverability – One of the most important factors you need to consider is whether or not your emails are getting to their targeted inboxes. If they’re not, all your efforts are for nothing. Aweber provides top-deliverability to its customers. They are constantly working hard to establish relationships with internet service providers so emails from Aweber will be delivered, not diverted to the Junk Folder. Aweber has one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry.

  8.  Learn HTML or Text Messaging or Both?HTML – You know those emails you get that are colorful, include pictures and fancy text? Those are created with HTML code. Newsletters or ‘Ezines’ are often created with HTML messages. Text – Text messages are simply, text. There is no formatting, or color, images, graphics, bolding, italics or other accents.

  9.  How to find targeted and interested Subscribers. The most common way to build a list is by placing an opt-in form on a website or sales page and having people fill it out. Whenever someone visits your blog or website, there should be a clear place for them to subscribe to receive more information from you.

  10. Identify The Message as an Ad – You must notify your subscribers that they are reading an ad.Include Valid Physical Location – You must identify your location within every email you send out.

  11. The great thing about Aweber is that it helps you do many of these requirements automatically. For example your physical location is added automatically to the bottom of each email.

  12. You also have directions on how to opt-out of your Aweber email lists automatically added to the bottom of each email. Finally Aweber unsubscribes people immediately upon request, so no worries about getting yourself in trouble with the 10-day removal time frame.


Is this all we know?


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