Happy New Year 2012

First off I’d like to say thanks Dave and John for your help in 2011 .Every thing you done helped me out greatly .Dave you helped me out with getting traffic with your Total Web Traffic course, and when building my site I installed your Clickbank Ad Rotator I put on my site.

A FaceBook Like Page Builder I can use On Facebook. Is this really the last year like they  say I hope it just a new great your.2011 is gone if you did not finish up what you wanted to do maybe you can get er done in 2012.2011 was a great year for getting er done for me .

I finished my One Month Mentor membership training classes with John Thornhill on product creation .I started building this blog in march and will continue to build and remodel from now on into the future never static always changing .

I began my ebook creation in march I got er done put it up on my sale’s website,  finished my affiliates web page ,finished my thank you page. I sighed up for a new click bank account and submitted my ebook .I then got approved so I installed my ebook on clickbank .

After going thru and checking to see if all the links and downloads worked I went live with my new ebook it’s for sell now on click bank .This is one of my biggest accomplishments in 2011 for me and I’m sooo happy I was able to do some things like this.

In 2012 I’m going to try to do something for each month at the end of the year I should had 12 things done. We will see! I am in a class that I’m am learning how to put up WSOs on the warrior forms .The class is with John Thornhills WSO Domination training I bought it thru Dave Nicolson’s link he is partnered with John.

Then Id Like to put up some websites that I get Free Every month one for each month in 2012. These free sites I get from Dave and John are already set up to be put on the web and start making money. The free sites are called Free Monthly Web Sites 2.0 you can also upgrade from the free to a more advanced paid version with more options. I hope everybody will have a great new year 2012.

Happy New Years


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