Learning the Right Way to Go About Finding a Mentor

Learning and finding a mentor at the same time: one way to go about It. Before you get started sign up for a free e-mail account. To keep your regular e-mail, from getting e-mails you don’t want and to keep the one’s you do want separate,

This will be your extra account for keeping your marketing letters form the guru’s out of your main e-mail account. Google G- mail and Yahoo e-mail have free e-mail account. And I am sure there are many others that offer free e-mail accounts also.

Now You can go all around the Internet browse and learn a lot of useful free information. In doing so you are also educating yourself. Read all the free stuff download the free e-books. Sign Up for all the e-mailing of the different gurus and there will be a lot of good free advice and info e-book, PDF’s to download free.

This way after a while you will get an idea of which one’s that are good Internet business people, and if they make a real profit. You need to find out which one’s are recommended by other marketers.

Also you can find out if they are ethical, honest, and willing to genuinely help people. A good ethical honest marketer will try to help you and give you free advice and materials as they also market products to you that can help you in your business.

If they are smart, a good marketer will help people, it’s just good business. If you help people, they help you. As the marketer is helping you help yourself he also needs to profit in his business. If the marketer can help you get your business going and profitable, you will come back in the future and acquire more products, if he has the one’s you need.

Because he helped you and got you going in your business. As you learn you are Learning the Right Way to Go About Finding a Mentor.You will begin to see the guru’s that don’t want to help you. The one’s that only promote stuff constantly that is hyped up junk that has nothing to do with your business.

They will act like they’re going to help you with a secret one button push to make you rich. STOP do not buy the hyped up sale’s letters products. There is always time to check out anything you are considering to purchase. They say if you wait and read to the bottom of this page you may be too late and we will be sold out.

DONT believe it. Even if it is true there is no product that you must have right now, this instant. If it is a legit product you will have at least enough time to check up on the seller. You can check the history of a product and the seller on Google, just Google the product name.

Don’t rely on the review site’s, most are selling the product with added bonuses. Who every has the biggest bonus usually gets the sell. DONT let these big bonuses sway you if the product is junk or something that’s not needed in your business.

You can go to the warriorforum.com. They give mostly honest reviews or go to Imreportcard.com to read a rating on products and the seller. Always check before you buy. There’s a lot of junk out there.

Some times you can buy these junk hyped up product, just to get the bonuses sometimes there is something in there you could really use and you don’t have to use the main product. Sometimes the bonuses are way more valuable than the main product.

After you find the right person, join their mentor class. Mentor classes will not be cheap, but most things that are worth anything are not cheap. A mentor will guide you faster past most failures and to a real business. All you have to do is copy their success.

When you are in the class of a mentor they will show you step by step how they did it, just follow along and learn the short cuts they found,and you will leap past trials and errors they went trough. Now that you have found your mentor you can delist yourself from all the other gurus e-mail lists.

So you won’t be tempted to skip around and buy their latest get rich offers. You won’t need them now that you have a mentor teaching you the real Internet business.

That is the big “secret” you have been looking for.

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This is my fourth Post

This is my fourth Post., To continue from the last post as I said . When I was adding my blog too the Internet there where many options . One of them is to add amazon ads and banners or links.Amazon is free to sign up for and they have instant Amazon store you can put on your blog.

I said why not, so after I signed up I added  a video movie player. This is  where you watch some video’s and see if you want to buy a movie. They had some free downloads also.  I added their MP3 player so you could play music and see if you wanted to buy any . They have some free download also ,if you see one you like .

The ads for different merchandise come in text or pitchers form. If or  when some one click on it they would go to the amazon site ,at the area of the category you wanted, like close or toys,books,etc…

I kept rearranging and trying different looks.  At first I really liked the way it was looking . After getting things arranged the way I thought that it was different . Not like others and good enough for people too like, and come back often .I was hopping  it would be liked and become popular . Now it was time to monetize so i could make some money .

I went to google and signed up for AdSense  and I signed up for AdWords also. Google AdSense and AdWords are free to sign up for. After creating my ads I inserted the copied code in to my blog. I started with settings of spending only 3 dollars a day at 5cents on content and 5 cents on search . I ended up spending $ 50.00 and made $10.00 so i stopped that campaign.

That’s no good losing when your low on funds.

I was slowly building up traffic . The more I worked on the blog the worst it looked. I rearranged it again and it was worst . After I stopped using AdWords and AdSense on my blog.  The traffic fell like a rock and went to zero and stayed there . I believe if I kept on with absence and re-tweaking I would be able too make it work out because the traffic was slowly rising and I was starting to get return traffic and referring traffic.

Educating your self to do this stuff is OK but I think you are missing a lot of the correct ways to do things .The way I went around learning from only free information from here and there .A lot gets left out and you don’t know 1/2 what you need to know to make a proper and correct project of the real quality needed to make money and give the thing people want to read, or buy or receive your good advice.

In the end to save time ,money,and Heartache you need a mentor. Some one who’s been there done that .Some one who can guide you. There are some on the right side of my blog under recommended I’m in the mentoring programs and I highly endorse them.

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This is My Third Blog Post.

This is My Third Blog Post. In this post id like to give back to all of the people that helped me navigate past the forks in the roads .The people who helped me get off of the winding, one lane dirt road.  On to the secondary paved roads ,and past the pot holes and dead ends .The curves and finally to the great 4and 6 lane High speed , 4x bands width Internet marketing highways.

I done all of this on all of the free advice, free e-book ,Reading their articles ,watching thier videos,their free advice on the blogs,on search engines.I looked every where to try to figure this stuff out. I thought I was doing great finding out all new things every day. I would not miss a day I work every day all day .One day I said to my self it’s time Ive learned how to do this now it’s now or never , just do it.

And I did I put my first blog up it was about shopping .My first blog being that I was doing every thing cheap as I could or free when possible because I had no income  and low on cash.For my first blog I used google blogger it is free .Google blogger only takes about 3 clink and fill in your information and you have a blog online in minutes.

Now I have to build my blog ,your blog has no post ,no way to make money. it dose not look very good it is very plain and empty.So now I began to add my post,and set up settings .I quickly learned I did not know 1/2 off the short cuts. Too just set up a blog like an expert’s dose. A regular blogger put up a new blog fast some say in 30 minutes or less.

They  can copy and paste form there other blog s already make up.Not me I worked on my blog every day I never missed a day . After I added my post I added a video I got from amazon.I had to sign up as an affiliate to use it . I’ll continue in the next post.

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This is My Second Blog Post

This is My Second Blog Post.

Well I changed my mind and went with the brown background .I am glad I did because it matches my header and footer graphics better .When we where suppose to order the graphic Iwas not ready so it put me behind a couple days . After looking   all around and finally getting my general ideas on what I thought my header/footer should look like and stand for in my business.

I got busy and ordered, and to my surprise the very next day “bam “there in my e-mail inbox “Here are you graphics”.I expected 2 or 3 days waite .I could not waite to look at them so I down loaded them to my graphics folder and opened up as fast as I could with great excitement . As I gazed in the folder there they where ,the header /footer,a RSS feed graphic ,and two different footer graphics .

I clicked on the header to enlarge to a size you could see better and viewed  in normal size and bam it was better than I ever hope .The graphics turn out amazing .It was like they read my thoughts and they added thier fantastic design art skills to make just right.

I am very pleased and happy with the results. I had no idea It would look just like I wanted .The colors that I chose , the way I imagined the text word would be  ,and so professional .

Great work I highly recommend there  fast , expert design  company. I was expecting  just some ordinary run of the mill cookie cutter plr or something like that . Look at the top of the page and see the design for your self I think you will agree .

Its hard to find a company that’s that good these days . I think so highly of them I’m going to add them to my recommended on the right hand side panel of my blog.

If you ever need graphics check them out there address is in the link.  Under my Recommended Section GFX-1,  Or CLick Here

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This is My First Blog Post

This is My First Blog Post.

Brand new blog, it still has that new blog smell .Where do I start ,I am alway’s excited to begin a new blog I learn new stuff every time. I like to make each blog new and different from the others .What well it look like when I’m finished .I really don’t know .Some blogs I never finish I keep tweaking here and there .

I add more tag’s where I forgot  to enter some ,more keyword,fix misspellings all the time,I don’t want to just do it and get done I like what I can find new to add to make it better and better. Not fancy just better looking all around ,I hope not to busy.

I’m going to pick a grey theme background so to show my other colors in the foreground more brighter maybe .I was thinking of brown I like it but it was to dark ,Blue is great to but I think it would hide my blue text.

I just ordered my header and footer graphic for my new blog . It’s was a little bit of a challenge to look all around at different web sites to get a general ideas of what I wanted it too look like . I surft a lot of web sites ,Id say about 50 and there where a lot of good looking sites out there .

I gave the graphic designers a general description of  what I like to have in the header and footer the colors I liked and I gave the two site to look at and Itold them take the two mix together add your design and well go with that.

Well now with that where going to be in a little suspense to see how it will come out I hope on the professional side and shiny .

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